Saturday, November 10, 2007

Meditations on Meditation

I have just written a whole page and then some how managed to loose it ! Such are my wonderful computer skills. I have read lots of peoples blogs and it has been good. This blog was supposed to be about meditation, but having lost it somewhere in ciber space I decided to go of and meditate instead. I'm very tired having walked the Nantlle ridge yesterday. I slipped and sprained my shoulder. I was talking to my friend and wasn't watching what I was doing. Still a wrenched shoulder is better than tumbling half way down the mountainside, which I would have done if I'd let go.
I cannot make my mind up whether to do trekking in Nepal as my subject or Meditation, or maybe something else. I surpose the truth is I am struggling with everything in my life at the moment and can't always see the funny side and I just feel I want to get this part of the course out of the way and get back to writing from my imagination. Yet I know that usually, when something feels hard then that is just the thing I need to work at. So has anyone got any suggestions?
I am going to Tynewydd on the 19th for a week "Journeys and Journals" so maybe that will be a good break from living with a partner with dementia. I sometimes feel as though I am the demented one. Anyway enough! It actually hurts my shoulder to type.


Patricia Daniel said...

Alison, sorry you lost your piece and hurt your shoulder. hope the latter gets better soon. As for the former, next time write your piece in a Word document first, so you still have it even if the blog goes wrong. Secondly, you can use your blog for writing from the imagination. You already did - you put in the powem, which I found very moving.

Smalley said...

Have you really been trekking in Nepal? I'm sure we'd all love to hear about that!

PMS said...

Finally got into your blog! My fault, I'd misstyped blogspot!
It is difficult to drop the 'fiction' writing but no doubt it will be good for us. Though how I am going to write a Tabloid piece escapes me, I haven't read a Tabloid in 40 years, except in a Little Chef over a cup of coffee.